As a content and conversational designer, I create the structures, environments, and interchanges that make digital experiences human.


I've led a team of writers at Google to launch new, multi-million-dollar Ads products; headed up global content strategy at Udemy; and flexed across interaction and content design to craft Intercom's next-generation chat system for machine learning, conversational bots, and human messaging.


In a broad sense, I was designing content long before I entered tech. As a Stanford literature instructor, nonfiction book author (Bloomsbury USA), and vinyasa yoga instructor, I broke complex information down into manageable bits, scaffolded it to build toward more complexity, and strung it all together into cohesive stories.


Now, I do that work at scale.


I focus mostly on core product design, building flows and microcopy systems that, interaction by interaction, tell a larger brand story in a voice people can understand and trust.